STI HAZLETON TRANSPORT LLC has been transformed over the years, expanding services to school-age children and early intervention.

Individuals are typically referred to us.  We evaluate their situation based on the information we receive and work to obtain any additional information necessary to ensure we are offering the best service possible.

We determine the transportation needs of the individual, how to transport them, the type of vehicle needed, and figure out if they will need an assistant, translator, or sign language.

STI HAZLETON TRANSPORT LLC takes the privacy of our clients very seriously.  We take every precaution to keep our files secure.  When transfers are requested, we have a strict policy in place to help make the transition a smooth one.

Active Contracts

  • Liu 18( Intermediate unit 18)
  • OVR
  • MTM (medical appointment)
  • ODP
  • MHR
  • Early intervention

Contracts Pending

  • Medicaid
  • Department of Human Services
  • Agging office
  • Hospice
  • Also included more the Senior or aging to the transportation.

Types of Individuals Serviced

  • Learning disabilities
  • Autistic
  • Physical disabilities
  • Behavorial disabilities
  • The age we are work now its month to 59 year old.