STI HAZLETON TRANSPORT LLC. was created out of the need of younger people in the community, ages 21 to 56, with special needs.

Often, this group is forgotten because they are of legal age and have already finished school.  Many of them do not know where to go, or how to develop in the community, and many of them are in need of transportation.

Most of these individuals have the need and desire to go out and feel independent; to be an active member of the community.  STI Hazleton Transport gives special needs individuals the opportunity to feel part of the community through its transportation services.

STI Hazleton Transport also helps people with special needs is through its orientation program.  We help connect these individuals with the various services available from the community, government and private agencies that can assist them their needs.  In addition to that, we show them how these agencies can help them with the cost of transportation.

The vision of STI HAZLENTON TRANSPORT LLC. is to provide top quality and punctual service, catered to each special needs individual, enabling them to feel free and integrated in their community.